0.9.1 Alpha Released

Hey crew! We’re transitioning release notes and bug discussions to the Beta channel here on the forum.

We’d like to keep discussion in these release posts largely about usability and plugin features, and if someone finds a bug (including us), we’d like to post that as a separate discussion topic in this channel.

And without further ado:

0.9.1 Alpha is ready. The installers are currently propagating through our CDN and should become available soon from https://account.cymaticsomatics.com/products/support/id/0627c813-a513-40e5-81c1-aa9c8beb2a3b

There are some breaking changes in this version so please read the notes carefully, but this version is a lot more functional and stable so far which is what we want! Here’s the changelog:

  • NEW - MIDI notes now have more one-to-one layout correspondence to DAW piano rolls (bottom-to-top) for visual parity
  • NEW - MIDI Settings now provides a user adjustable octave offset when displaying MIDI note labels which can be matched to the host DAW
  • NEW - Plug-in settings can be reset to factory default values
  • NEW - A log file containing information about the plug-in build number, host, and system information can be saved for inclusion with support and bug reporting.
  • NEW - Factory preset banks cannot be modified or deleted
  • NEW - About screen now contains the proper product, version, and build tag (precise code build), as well as legal and shoutout for the various companies and technologies in use
  • NEW - Waveforms can be selected by clicking on the waveform render area; removed previous & next select buttons
  • NEW - Exposed SpectraStrobe DSP setting “Input Smoothing”: an adjustable smoothing filter that can reduce audible artifacts for SpectraStrobe tones with sharp waveforms
  • NEW - Exposed SpectraStrobe DSP setting “Gamma Correction”: a user-adjustable gamma correction curve for LED glasses output correction (can be disabled too)
  • FIXED - Envelope retriggering incorrectly in some scenarios
  • FIXED - Preset note list would highlight notes incorrectly when receiving out-of-order MIDI note off messages
  • FIXED - Activation title was hardcoded with the wrong product version; is now dynamic
  • FIXED - Memory leak when creating and deleting preset banks

! Important !
NOTES: We started with an initial version of 1.0.0 but have actually changed to a prerelease scheme of 0.9.x in future versions going forward. Both macOS and Windows 10 users should uninstall the plugin before installing 0.9.1 update.

  • Any user-created preset banks from prior versions will be incompatible with 0.9.1, but if you want to keep any current work just let us know and we can manually update the files for you pretty easily
  • Windows 10 users should run the uninstaller or remove from add/remove programs
  • macOS users with 0.9.0 and up can run sudo /Library/Prism/0.9.0/uninstall.sh and follow the uninstall instructions
  • macOS users with any version prior to 0.9.0 should manually delete the folders /Library/Prism/1.0.0 and ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/CymaticSomatics before installing 0.9.1
  • You will need to reactive the license (there have been some changes on the backend and the current license files will be invalid)
  • To initialize the new SpectraStrobe DSP settings to correct values, you’ll want to open any prior projects you have, go to the Settings screen, reset to factory defaults (Input Smoothing 2ms, Gamma 2.4) and resave the project in your DAW, then those new settings will stick to default values

Thanks for your patience, and our next release should have some more content, presets, and such to dig into to better orient yourself and seem demonstrations of use.

We were able to test 0.9.1 in Ableton, Tracktion Waveform, and Reaper on both macOS and Windows 10 and things seem to be working as expected. Happy testing!