0.9.2 Alpha Released

Hey crew!

We’re happy to be releasing the 0.9.2 Alpha today, and looking forward to getting this in everyone’s hands! Again, we’d like to keep discussion in these release posts largely about usability and plugin features, and if someone finds a bug (including us), we’d like to post that as a separate discussion topic in this channel.

Please log into your account and download “Prism Latest” (which is 0.9.2) at https://account.cymaticsomatics.com/products/support/id/0627c813-a513-40e5-81c1-aa9c8beb2a3b

The major side update is that we now have documentation! Docs for Prism and Spectrastrobe itself can be viewed here: CySo Docs

We’ll create a separate post for discussing the documentation.

IMPORTANT: Please uninstall the previous version first, for the cleanest transition to 0.9.2 (instructions at the bottom of this post):

Here are the changes:

  • NEW - Reintroduced Audio Input module with Input Mix, Input Gain, and Input RMS parameters

  • NEW - Added Preset Banks Browser screen for full management of Project and Factory-installed preset banks

  • NEW - Added default Project Preset Bank with blank presets for a more clear starting point (Rainbow Road remains as a separate selectable Preset Bank)

  • NEW - Project Preset Bank saves with the DAW project itself (does not require explicit save from plugin editor)

  • NEW - Added a macOS AppleScript uninstaller.app that can be double clicked from Finder

  • NEW - Added OpenGL support for better interface performance

  • CHANGE - Renamed TempoSync to FrequencySync and TempoRatio to SyncRatio

  • FIXED - Bug where components were not binding correctly to the currently selected preset when the GUI editor was opened, closed, and reopened

  • FIXED - Wavetable Duty Cycle visual now updates to reflect host automation of the parameter

  • FIXED - All exposed parameters now properly track host automation and implement reset

  • FIXED - Issue with settings where slider/combobox values were binding on initialization with default values which where then applied to plugin settings causing the wrong settings in some DAWs

  • FIXED - Preset bank data not saving on first save and crash when creating new preset bank and selecting, saving, and reopening in Ableton

  • FIXED - Bug on macOS that would cause the editor to hang when open for too long

There were more miscellaneous fixes, but more relevant to the stability.

We’re looking forward to getting everyone on this release! Please let us know of any usability issues or bugs and you find them. We should now be well on our way to a stable Beta, barring anything major that comes up in this release.

Uninstall Instructions

Because we’ve had breaking changes in this Alpha, manual uninstall may be necessary:

Delete all files and folders under the following directories:

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\CymaticSomatics
  • C:\ProgramData\CymaticSomatics\Plugins

Delete all files and folders under the following directories:

  • Users/{YOUR USERNAME}/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/CymaticSomatics
  • Users/{YOUR USERNAME}/Library/CymaticSomatics/Plugins
  • /Library/Prism

NOTE: Your user Library is not visible by default in Finder. To browse to it, use the “Go” file menu in Finder and select “Library”.

If it exists, delete the VST itself:

  • Users/{YOUR USERNAME}/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Prism.vst3

Uninstalling after this release…

You will be able to find uninstall instructions in the documentation itself: