0.9.3 Alpha Released

Hey crew! We’re excited to announce the next alpha version of Prism has been released into the wild! This one has many major updates, and is essentially feature complete for our upcoming commercial release. This will provide a much better starting point for brainwave entrainment, and overall is highly playable and fun to work with.

From here we’ll likely have one more interim release for bug fixes and polish, and that will be the official Beta that we’ll extend to the wider community. Really looking forward to getting feedback on this version! All feedback helps, and will guide us to the best possible 1.0 release, which is now within our sights.

The documentation has been updated as well, and will take you through all the basics, from installation to usage. We’ll be putting together a webinar in the next couple of weeks to further guide everyone through the usage, but let’s start by having a discussion in the forum here.

IMPORTANT: Please uninstall the previous version first, for the cleanest transition to 0.9.3

Without further ado, here are the latest changes:

  • NEW - Independent control of Light, Sound, and Vibration output, all synchronized to a common driving Frequency

  • NEW - Isochronic, Monaural, and Binaural Tones can now be created in the Sound layer

  • NEW - All output layers (Light/Sound/Vibration) can be independently enabled/disabled per Preset

  • NEW - Transitions between Presets/Notes can now be modified to follow either an ADSR Envelope or Interpolation pathway

  • NEW - Interpolation pathway with configurable transition times (via number of Beats) for animating/interpolating between Preset parameters values, providing a smooth and easy way to ramp between values over a given timeline

  • NEW - Multiple voices implemented to create a more polyphonic feel when playing Presets one after another

  • NEW - Lowpass and Bandpass filters implemented for Pitch and SpectraStrobe tones, creating a cleaner output signal

  • NEW - Multiple output buses created for independent routing of Reference Tone, Red, Green, Blue, Sound, and Vibration signals within a DAW

  • FIX - When closing and re-opening Prism while a Preset is Playing, the Play/Stop button now accurately reflects the active state

  • FIX - When switching between Presets, the currently playing Preset is no longer immediately stopped, allowing for continual play while cycling through and modifying Presets

  • FIX - Smoothing algorithms enhanced to create a cleaner signal throughout live play


  • Vibration is currently Enabled by default and the Level is set to -12dB. This can sometimes lead to perceived clipping out of the gate, depending on the system and quality of headphones. If this is the case, just reduce the Level. In future releases, we’ll provide a set of Presets without Vibration for those soley interested in Light + Tones (Isochronic/Binaural/Monaural)

  • The Enabled/Disabled automation parameters for Light, Sound, and Vibration seem to always reset to Enabled after a completed cycle of the waveform. To fade in/out light, sound, or vibration layers, please use the appropriate Level parameter instead (Light Main Level, Isochronic Level, Binaural Level, and Vibration Level). This is only an issue when using Automation Parameters.

Please let us know of any usability issues or bugs and you find them. We should now be well on our way to a stable Beta, barring anything major that comes up in this release.

Enjoy, and thanks for testing!