0.9.3 build MacOS "Big Sur" install

MacOS 11.5 Big Sur
Downloaded and ran the installer.
I don’t think it automatically installs to the Plugins folder on MacOS. Not sure where it installs?

Should it be installing itself to the ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/CymaticSomatics/Prism folder?

Sorry I didn’t follow the bug report format. :wink:

Hey Andy,

It does install into the default VST3 library on macOS, but Finder hides the User Library from you by default.

In Finder, you can select “Go->Go to Folder…” and then put in your full path to confirm:
/Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/CymaticSomatics/Prism

Unless you’re pointing your particular DAW to a custom VST3 folder though, you shouldn’t need to reference this anywhere. The DAW will pick it up from the standard VST3 folder when you scan for VST3 plug-ins. The docs walk through this as well, for Ableton, Reaper, and Waveform in both Windows and macOS: https://docs.cymaticsomatics.com/docs/prism-daw-configuration

Let me know if you still don’t see it though! I’m on Big Sur, and can confirm it’s all working on this end.


Check the video and let me know.

I can try reinstalling if you think I should.

Video Link if needed.

Oh, interesting, thanks for the video! I’m wondering if it’s just not automatically overwriting the VST3 if one already exists. Could you try running the uninstall for the 0.9.1 version first? It’ll be in “/Library/Prism/0.9.1” (no ~/ for this version of Library).

Also, when you’re installing the new version, it definitely shows 0.9.3 within the installer UI?

Ok, so it probably has something to do with the 0.9.1 being installed.

Here’s a video of what fixed it.


Thanks Andy! With these alphas, we definitely need to uninstall the previous ones first. At this point, you should go ahead and delete the folders for the other versions as well (/Library/Prism/0.9.0, /Library/Prism/0.9.1, and /Library/Prism/1.0.0), just so it’s nice and clean going forward.

I’m pretty sure the first alpha version didn’t have a full uninstall app originally, so required running the uninstall script manually…but for now you should just be able to delete those other directories to clean it up.

Thanks for testing! Looking forward to seeing how it goes when you get the chance to dive in on the composing front.