0.9.4 Beta Released

Hey crew! We’re excited to be releasing the official Beta for Prism, version 0.9.4! We expect this to be the final version before our commercial release, which is just around the corner now.

We’ll outline the changes below, but feel free to grab the latest installers for Windows or macOS while you read this post.

This latest release supports both an Intel x64 and Apple M1 version for macOS. It also includes an experimental AudioUnits (AU) version, besides the standard VST3.

After listening to our testers, it was clear the the MIDI workflow could be confusing to work with and didn’t fully reach the functionality we wanted. We will be reintroducing a replacement in the future with a standalone version (likely called “Prism Studio”) which will be packed with features and become a one-stop-shop without the need of a DAW.

In the meantime, we have simplified Prism to only utilize the Automation Parameter workflow, which users of the previous free plug-ins will be familiar with. This has resulted in a much tighter, streamlined, and familiar workflow.

To help compensate for the loss of the MIDI “Presets”, we are releasing template starter projects for Reaper, Ableton Live, and Tracktion Waveform, and will be providing documentation and quickstart videos for everyone to easily get started in these DAWs. Additionally, users can still take a “snapshot” of the Prism parameter state using their DAW’s native “Save Preset” functionality.

We’re feeling great about this latest release and our vision for the future! We will outline all of this in an upcoming “Prism Roadmap” post.

IMPORTANT : We have changed our licensing solution to a more simplified workflow. Beta testers will now receive a license key from us which is tied to their email address for activation. We’ve retired the custom user “account” workflow for now, which has streamlined the whole process.

Additionally, we have removed our custom login from this Discourse forum. Now, anyone can sign up, and if you already have an account, simply use the Forgot Password workflow after clicking the Login button to reset your password.

Before installing the latest version, please uninstall previous Prism versions using the Windows or macOS uninstall instructions.

Here are the latest changes:

  • NEW - Simplified licensing workflow
  • NEW - Streamlined control scheme: Prism will automatically output while DAW is playing or through manual output preview toggle (no more MIDI triggering needed).
  • NEW - Added additional waveforms
  • CHANGE - Some waveforms were removed
  • CHANGE - Lowered the minimum pitch of the sound tone to 100 Hz
  • CHANGE - Simplified to DAW parameter control scheme
  • CHANGE - Removed custom concept of “Presets” and “Presets Bank Browser” (now uses plug-in’s own standard, ie the DAW’s native “Save Preset” functionality)
  • CHANGE - Removed the concept of “Transitions” to favor a simplified parameter automation/MIDI mapping workflow
  • FIX - Stability fixes when buses are unavailable in the DAW
  • FIX - Various other bug fixes

As always, please let us know of any usability issues or bugs as you find them. Barring any major bugs, this Beta will move into an official commercial release very soon.

Additionally, check out the Docs to dive into Prism operation and workflows in detail. We have a new Quick Start section with helpful templates to get you off the ground quickly.

Enjoy! We’re looking forward to seeing what the community creates!