0.9.5 Beta Released

Hey crew! We’re excited to be releasing an update to the Prism Beta, version 0.9.5!

We’ll outline the changes below, but feel free to grab the latest installers for Windows or macOS while you read this post.

For the cleanest install please uninstall previous Prism versions first, using Windows or macOS uninstall instructions.

NOTE: There are breaking changes in the parameter list, so please back up your 0.9.4 projects before upgrading to 0.9.5 (we will leave the old 0.9.4 installers up here for now, but please migrate to 0.9.5 as quickly as possible). We don’t expect any breaking changes from here to the commercial 1.0 release.

We recommend using the VST3 plugins whenever possible. On macOS, the AU plugin is experimental and should be used solely when it’s the only option within a particular DAW.

Here are the latest changes:

  • CHANGE - Separate line rendering of Phase Offset for each waveform
  • FIX - Binaural frequency now tracks properly with BPM changes within the DAW
  • NEW - Unified Aux. Input modulation, now providing a way to customize both light and audio modulation simultaneously, driven by an incoming/side-chained audio track (previously, only light modulation was possible).

As always, please let us know of any usability issues or bugs as you find them.

Additionally, check out the Docs to dive into Prism operation and workflows in detail. We have updated and simplified the Quick Start templates to get you off the ground quickly. There is now an additional Aux Input example to demonstrate the newly released capability.


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