BUG: Licensing response code cannot be pasted into Prism on macOS using Cmd+V

Description :

In macOS, Cmd+V does not Paste text into the plugin activation window.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Launch Prism without an activated license
  2. Follow activation instructions to obtain a response code from license server
  3. Click the server’s “Copy to Clipboard” button
  4. Highlight the activation response field within Prism
  5. Use Cmd+V to paste the code

Expected results :

Response text pastes into field.

Actual results :

Nothing is pasted into response field.

Right-clicking for a context menu and selecting “Paste” is the current fix.

This is an issue with some DAWs taking over the keyboard input (rather than the plugin itself capturing the Cmd+V input). In a future release, we will put a note in the activation screen to use the context menu or enable keyboard focus for pasting the activation code.