Harmonic Box X

Harmonic Box X is a pain in the ass to create from scratch in a DAW, especially if you ramp it. MWS created them for you. It would be cool if Prism could do that!

It also had a “scaling” feature where you could scale a session including automation lanes to whatever length you wanted. Changing the BPM setting can do this to an extent. No doubt this function is up to the DAW, but I wanted to pick your brains on how to do this.

Interesting! I hadn’t heard of Harmonic Box X, but based on the description I found it seems like something that could be integrated as an additional option for the tone generator.

In terms of the “scaling” feature, we totally recognize the value there and have been experimenting with a standalone player that offers basic customizations like this for a given composition. I’d love to pick your brain about both of these things and give you a little preview of some of this other tech, so we can best chart a path forward to the ideal solution.

I’ll connect with you on Skype to set up a call to brainstorm a bit, and give you an update on the latest developments and roadmap.