Prism Experience MP3

I’ve created a SpectraStrobe MP3 file that I wanted to share with anyone interested. This showcases the capabilities of Prism.

Demo Download Link: Prism_Experience.mp3

Personally, I set the Kasina’s Max. Volume settings to 52 (this can be set in Settings → Audio → Max. Volume from the Kasina’s menu).

This piece is designed for maximum brightness with the open eye/DeepVision Ganzframes if you have them, but you can check it out on the closed eye, standard Ganzframes as well.

Adjust brightness and volume to taste.

This piece is also designed to have a subsonic/vibration component using a Subpac, but should be interesting with just LED glasses and headphones. If you do have a Subpac (I’m using the S2), set the intensity knob to 50% and adjust to taste (see the hook-up guide here).

The very last few minutes of this experience that has a frequency ramp was created using the isochronic tone and transition feature of the upcoming 0.9.3 version, the rest of it was made with version 0.9.2.

Open to any feedback or questions!

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I would be very interested in how you set the various parameters to produce this.