Difference between the 2 Ableton templates

Hi guys. I’m new to Prism and a beginner with Ableton. I have a question, but I’m a little embarrassed because I know it’s probably very basic.

I’ve downloaded the 2 templates:

When I open the Prism_Template_Aux_Input_VST3.als, I see that the lights react with the audio file.

When I open the Prism_Template_VST3.als file and add an audio track, I see that the lights dont react with the music

When I compare the 2 .als files. I cant seem to find how they are set up differently. I’ve looked at the settings of each version and they both seem to be exactly the same, just that one already has the audio in.

Is it possible you can explain to me how they are set up differently. Where do I need to look?

Sorry for the basic question. Appreciate your help :pray::pray: