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Hey y’all!

Haven’t seen much activity here lately, just wondering if there’s a new release imminent or what’s happening?

Hope everyone is doing well. :slight_smile:

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Hey Andy! We’re continuing to add new beta testers every week, and are working on a website refresh that will explore more of the platform beyond Prism as well. We’ll be posting announcements here and on the MindPlace forums soon. There’s quite a bit in the works, but we can’t get into it just yet…soon though!

For now we’ve been extending the beta so people have plenty of time to experiment with Prism, while we solidify one more feature change. So far testing seems to be going well! We’re getting creators from all over the world, working on everything from brainwave entrainment to therapeutic art installation experiences. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I apologize for not being active here in a while. I wish I can use Prism more, but sessions that are bringing in the money for me right now are audio based. I don’t get much of a chance to create sessions just for fun anymore. I have been contacting psychedelic therapy providers to get them on board with a Kasina and AVS and the response has been overwhelming! Hopefully I can create a market for more Spectrastrobe sessions.

Can you detail how you aren’t able to use Prism to create the kind of sessions that you want to make, @joe.verona?

The only audio entrainment I can use with Prism is isochronic tones or binaural beats. I typically will modulate part of the background music or ambiance to the entrainment frequency. I may create some audio effects such as a shepherds tone, or add gamma modulations to a gong. I can do it using an external LFO, but it won’t be synchronized with the lights.

I also like to split RGB tracks into separate media items. That allows me to add FX, apply parameter modulations and fades and such to small sections easily. Anything, light or sound would be synced as long as it’s in the LFO folder.

I went over this with Josiah, and he said it will be addressed in the next update. Having a LFO with extensive control and options of waveforms would be a huge improvement. There are a lot of LFO’s out there, but they are for making music, not BWE.

I am going to look at Prism again for the color organ functions and vibration tones. I will have to either leave out sound modulations or design the sessions so that the sound entrainment doesn’t have to match flicker rate.

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Hey guys, just wanted to confirm that yes, full entrainment of any audio source will be coming in the next version. We’ve split out Aux Input into its own tab with fine tuned controls for processing both the light and audio signals:

We’re using this internally now and will announce when it makes its way into the next beta. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience! We’re juggling a lot right now but hoping to get this out soon.

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